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Here we inform which open education resources that are available from IDOCOS and the flow we use to make them available. 

The flow 
The Open Education Resources, OERs, and Open Access materials, OA, created by IDOCOS we publish on our website and register at external repositories. OERs and OAs we find, select and use, (adopt) we register as references in the course and learning materials. Open materials we find and adapt to use we publish on our website, with respect to the license, and register at external repositories. See the figure below.

IDOCOS Open resources

When closing the IDOCOS project, the following open licensed courses and learning materials have been created

Digital Transformation Organisations, Processes, Decisions

TitleDigital Transformation, Organisations, Processes, Decisions 

Subject: Digital Transformation

Material type: Textbook


Year created: 2023

Year modified

Format: PDF

Description: This book is about understanding your goals and strategies and how business utility relates to your activities. It is about how to structure information and how to make decisions. It is about risk assessments and uncertainty. It is about project portfolios and project management. It is about organising resources and capacities. And it is about how to procure services and products in our increasingly digitised and distributed world.

The book is aimed at university students, and at reflective practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of digital transformation.

Peer review: Yes