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IDOCOS Open courses and learning materials

Here we inform which open education resources that are available from IDOCOS and the flow we use to make them available. 

The flow 
The Open Education Resources, OERs, and Open Access materials, OA, created by IDOCOS we publish on our website and register at external repositories. OERs and OAs we find, select and use, (adopt) we register as references in the course and learning materials. Open materials we find and adapt to use we publish on our website, with respect to the license, and register at external repositories. See the figure below.

IDOCOS Open resources

When closing the IDOCOS project, the following open licensed courses and learning materials have been created

Handbook for co-creation

Title: Handbook for co-creation and sharing of doctoral courses, in an online and blended context

Subject: Internationalisation and cooperation on courses in Higher Education.

Material type: Handbook, a guide.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. International (CC-BY 4.0). This license requires that reusers give credit to the creator. It allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes.

Year created: 2023

Year modified

Format: PDF, Word

Description: This handbook, or guide, presents essential questions for guidance in the process of co-creation and sharing courses, yet it does not aspire to have complete solutions to all questions. Through awareness raising from the questions posed combined with the examples presented in this handbook, the process of co-creation and sharing can be made more transparent and directed towards realistic goals. Consequently, this understanding should stimulate and guide communication within the groups of people working together

through the process. Mistakes could occur when we do not make use of or communicate about what we know. Thus, we hope this handbook will help set a clear and meaningful context and minimise mistakes that could arise from missing components of knowledge in the process of co-creation and sharing courses. A checklist including basic questions for communication and decisions that can be used step by step in the co-creation and sharing process is provided at the end of this handbook.

Peer review: Yes